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Ready to increase your muscle growth? Increase your TUT



If like me you’ve been training a specific way for a long time, you should try and mix it up,try lifting for increased time under tension yourself!

What is TUT?
Time under tension is the time your muscle spends under load during a set. This includes the time spent in the eccentric (lengthening) phase, peak contraction phase, and Concentric (Shortening) phase. So, if you perform a 12-rep set, and each rep takes you 3 seconds to complete, your muscle experiences 36 seconds of time under tension.
If you were to perform that same set but spend 2 seconds lifting the weight (concentric phase), 1 second pausing during peak contraction, and 3 seconds lowering the weight (eccentric phase), those same 12 reps would give you approximately 72 seconds of TUT, increasing the opportunity for your muscle to grow and makes your muscles work harder.
What type of weight should I use and Rep Range?
In 2007 Wernborn et al studied “The influence of frequency, intensity, volume and mode of strength training on whole muscle cross-sectional area in humans.
After analysing hundreds of studies, the researchers findings showed performing sets with a moderate to heavy load of around 60-70% of your 1RM would yield the best hypertrophy results.
When it comes to rep range you want to be using a weight that will allow you to achieve between 8-12 slow reps.
These reps should be around 4-6 seconds long. Aim for a minimum of 1 second on the Concentric phase (negative downward) and 3 seconds Eccentric Phase (Lifting), this should allow for hypertrophy to take effect.
What should the rest period be?
The rest period between sets is very important factor in muscle growth. The aim with TUT is to keep a moderate weight, so I recommend anywhere between 1-3 Minutes.
The amount of time you put your muscles under tension is a major factor of muscle growth. Anyone, from the beginner to the experienced lifter can benefit from TUT.
Not only will the increase in time under tension spur new muscle growth, but will increase strength and your form. So why not give this a go and let me know your results.
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